“all you need is love”…

all WE need is love!!!

it has to be in the plural if we really hope to get anywhere.  whether it’s happening in coupleship, neighborhood gatherings, family of origin reunions, family of choice get togethers, school functions with your kids or meetings at the UNITED NATIONS.  call me a hopeless romantic of an optimist, if you have to label me something, and know that my life is showing me that it’s all possible if  and when i’m coming from a place of love.   i think it was  gandhi who said “my religion is loving kindness.”

i know that i’ve been working non-stop in my recovery to recover, hence the name, a love for myself and all parts of me.  if i’m NOT starting from a place of love when my feet first hit the floor my day will go on to show me exactly that.  for me personally when i’m in a funky space emotionally, everything seems dulled.  just the opposite is true…when i’m coming from a place of love, kindness and gratitude EVERYTHING seems radiant and beautiful to me.  it’s my job to watch my thoughts and guide them always back to love!  here’s to the wonderful reality that we, as spiritual beings having human experiences, get to do this!

peace + love + laughter + healing,    -kathleen.

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