boris our driver in NYC…

who’d like to remain anonymous!

this is boris.  first name only.  he’s a little shy.  this is a photo i took of him the day he took us out to coney island to meet his family.  he’s a good man AND i like his head.  i actually ask him at least once a visit if i might touch his head.  he always says, in his thick russian accent, “OF COOOUURSE!”  so i do.  just a little love touch.  he gets me on that level.  he knows i’m funny and he gets that i’m tender.  i like that in a man.  no, i LOVE that in a man.

what i don’t think he gets is that d-fly and i are life partners!  it just doesn’t fit into his world view of how things are, might be or should be.   besides, he’s been her driver here in NYC for almost ten years now.  he knew her “pre-K,” as she would say, meaning before kathleen.  that would be me.  how can he NOT get it?  d-fly and i have major chemistry and i’m quite the dapper dude, if you will.  again, it just doesn’t fit into his idea of things.  he asked me recently if i’ve got a special man at home.  hmmmm…i AM the special man at home.  of course, i didn’t say that.  timing is everything especially in a situation like this.  it’s bothered me that we aren’t “out” with him and i’ve been very vocal about it with debbie.   she understands and says that i can have my little sit down with boris any time i want.  so just for today i will choose to be myself and see what unfolds.  if it feels right, i’ll tell him.  if not, i’ll send susan mele to his house to deliver a “one of your best clients is gay.  well not really, but she fell in love with a woman who feels like she’s a man in the wrong body” chicken singing telegram.  yeah, that’s actually an option.  here’s to communication and all the options we all have!

peace + love + laughter + healing,     -kathleen.

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