teo biele…

a man, a mountain and his miniature poodle!

this is a photo of teo and crystal that he took while on a hunting expedition.  YES, he’s masterfully trained a miniature chocolate poodle to hunt with him.  i need to say this next thing in all caps:  TEO BIELE IS AN AMAZING SOUL!

i’ve been fortunate enough to have him in my life as a healer and a friend  for the past four years.  what a gift that is, in and of itself, nevermind that crystal is the daughter of our two poodles.  we have a human/poodle tribe here in santa fe that is filled to overflowing with love!  whenever d-fly or i see crystal she practically does back flips, she’s so excited.  what a wonderful thing that is!  i think that’s why they call it “puppy love.”  ahhhhh and back to teo biele.  moving right along.  meet me at the next paragraph.

hello and welcome to the next paragraph!  i’ve been meaning to write something anything with the above title.  i love the title almost as much as i love the man.  teo has taught me so much about learning to just be with whatever feelings come up. he’s helped me heal on so many levels and we laugh like nobody’s business when we’re together!  i’m so grateful to have him in my life.   here’s to all the amazing souls that come into our lives to gently lead us back to ourselves!

peace + love + laughter + healing,    -kathleen.

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