dr. mann-morlet and me…


what an absolute thrill and honor to be invited to screen LEARNING TO STAY in south carolina.  i had a wonderful time.  the southern hospitality was real and very much appreciated.  the professor in the photo here is a dear friend of mine named coco that i went to kindergarten through 12th grade with.  i hadn’t seen her in about ten years and it was ever so easy to be with her.  she’s an amazing scholar!  i was blown away by her passion for all that she does.  here’s to YOU dr. mann-morlet!

the students too blew me away with their openness.  i hadn’t been around that demographic in a while and have to say that i LOVED it!  by demographic i mean students who are really doing their work.  the college had just recently done their campus monologues and i met quite a few of the women who had participated in them.  i heard from more than one student that it was “life changing and empowering!”  that only fueled my passion to connect with people all the more.  i too know that doing my work with LEARNING TO STAY has led me into a whole new way of being in the world.  i’ve accepted more fully the fact that my vulnerability is truly my strength.  being real moment to moment with WHATEVER i’m feeling is the only way to be authentic.  here’s to connecting with people who lift you up and remind you of your essence!  THANK YOU EVERYONE AT COLUMBIA COLLEGE!

peace + love + laughter + healing,    -kathleen.

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