so TODAY marks the 100th international women’s day celebration.  how cool is that?  and how cool is eve ensler?  i can’t say enough about all the work she’s done, and is currently doing, on the planet.

debbie and i’ve been fortunate enough to get to spend time with her over the past few years whenever she’s in santa fe.  she is one of the most grounded, humble and lovable souls i know!  when i first met her i was very early in my own recovery.  i told her a little bit about my journey, saying that i too want to heal so that i can help others do the same.  i was frustrated at the time not knowing how or when i would ever be in a place where i could really be of service.  she had the sweetest and simplest advice for me, “let it take as long as it takes…YOU need to get YOU back.  kathleen, there’s no race.  YOU are right where YOU are supposed to be.”  wow.  needless to say, that advice went right to my heart.  she gave me a huge hug as tears rolled down my cheeks reminding me to slow down and trust the process.  what a gift she gave me that day with those words of encouragement.  what a gift she gives the world through her words, her work, her wisdom and her love!  thank you eve ensler for simply being!  you give me strength!   here’s to eve and all people everywhere who are working to make our world an inclusive reality!

peace + love + laughter + healing,    -kathleen.

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