“kindness is my religion…”


could it really be that simple?  on a good day i think to myself “OF COURSE IT CAN!”   on a not so good day i think there’s just no way we as a species can ever get “there.”   well, i’m happy to report that i have way more good days than not.   in the midst of all that is [global daily news, warfare, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, addiction and the like] i remain an optimist.  i, kathleen fontaine, am an optimist…always have been always will be.  and that, my dear reader, is proof positive that deep down kindness is my religion too!

i do believe that we have the power to effect  change wherever we go simply by being kind.  the human race is starving for real connection and gentleness.  i know that to be true because any time i simply smile at someone from a real heartfelt place i see them light up a bit.  that’s such a simple gift we can give one another.  paying if forward with a smile.  here’s to that simple act of kindness…giving AND receiving heartfelt smiles!

peace + love + laughter + healing,   -kathleen.


  1. Nicole SmartMarch 29, 2011 at 7:44 pm 

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Columbia College here in SC 🙂 Congrats in advance on your upcoming NA birthday 🙂 I’ll be 5 in July, too!

  2. Stephanie PiroloMarch 31, 2011 at 4:00 pm 

    Thank you so much for visiting Columbia College and sharing your story, your strength and your kindness! You touched my heart!

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